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Saithan Movie Review


Vijay Antony starring of silver screen as Dinesh and Sharma in the film Saithan. The story is about a software company personnel with Schizophrenia. Vijay Antony as Dinesh and Arundathi Nair as Aishwarya are getting married. In his newly married life Dinesh undergoes a mysterious issue. Often he could hear a voice talking to him and that puts Vijay Antony into huge mental pressure. Even that voice threatens his to commit suicide. This strange voice leads to the accident of Vijay's friend Aadukalam Murugadas. Now he realizes that the mysteries issue of him is disturbing his life and his fellow neighbours too. So he seeks the consultation of psychiatrist Kitty tries to understand the problem within Vijay during his past and this flashes many shocking incidents in the mind of Vijay Antony. So what is the issue with Vijay? What happened to him during his past? Did he recover from the issue? Are answered by the movies Saithan.  

Artist's Performance Analysis 

Vijay Antony is grooming him in each and every of his film. The story and character choosen by him are really wonderful. In Saithan too he has made his footprint strong enough to held a uniqueness for him in Tamil cinema. Hats off to Vijay Antony. Arundathi Nair has done a good job in both character good enough. Kitty as Psychiatrist Veterans like Y.Gee Mahendra as Dinesh's friend's father, Meera Krishna and Saruhassan have attracted the audience through their short and sweet characters. 

Technical Team Analysis 

Director Pradeep Krishna Moorthy has given the feel of reading a thriller novel through the film 'Saithan' which a storyline supported by late novelist Sujatha's famous novel 'Aaa'. The storyline keeps the audience locked with suspense and thrill in first half but disappoint in the second half. The flash back scenes are not impressive and climax remains dragging with copied scenes from Hollywood movies. Music by Vijay Antony is good in BGM and 'Jayalatchumi' song is only good. Editing by Veera Senthil Raj needs betterment in 2nd half of the movie. Cinematography by Pradeep Kalipurayath is ok and needs improvisation in some parts. 

Pros and Cons 


Artist's Performance 



Ciniway Verdict : Steady but Slow
Rating : 2.75
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