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Pazhaya Vannara Pettai Review


Sun TV Anchor Prajin appears on silver screen in the movie Pazhaya Vannara Pettai. Prajin an engineering graduate awaiting for a suitable employment lives in Pazhayavannarapettai, Chennai along with his friends. Counseller election in going to be held in that area in just 2 days. During this circumstances 2 victims of a political party are being murdered.  Since the incident occurs during election period the area inspector of Pazhaya Vannarapettai is being pressurized  by his superiors to arrest the culprits. So the inspector arrests all those suspects present in that area during the murderer including Prajin and his friends. As the police department could not find the accused within stipulated time they remands one of Prajin’s friend as the culprit. In order to save his innocent friend from the issue Prajin and the police officer ACP Richard goes in search of the real criminal in their own ways. So how both of them identify and find the real criminal to release Prajin’s innocent friend forms the essence of the movie. It has been flavoured with a small tint of love scenes between Prajin and Asmitha.

Artsist’s Performance Analysis 

Prajin being a successful anchor on TV screen has done his best for the given character which reveals friendship. He has lived the role as a guy of North Chennai and is being supported by his friends who are all have done their best. Asmihta, lover of Prajin is impressive and has done her job better. Richard has enacted as an police officer. Co-artists Nishanth, his lover Kajal, Karunas, Singer Velmurugan, Gana Bala, Manimaran and Dheena have supported the film in a good manner. 

Technical Team Analysis 

Hats off to the Director Mohan.G for portraying the real Pazhayavannarapettai for the audience through this film. He has done a good job in bringing out the violence of Pazhayavannarapettai practically to the audience. The story which is better revealed via screenplay seems to be flawless with out the interference of usual commercial elements. Debutant music director Jubin has given 2 hit songs and are impressive. Cinematography Farook has portrayed the beauty and gigantic view of Pazhayavannarapettai. Editing by S.Devarajan is good and needs little trimming. 

Pros and Cons 


Star's Performance 


Dragging first 45 mins, 
Lack of commercial elements expected his audience. 

Ciniway Verdict: Old People's in New Pettai

Rating : 3.0
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