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Maveeran Kittu Review


Maaveeran Kittu the third collection of director Suseenthiran and Vishnu Vishal portrays the real social issue that happened in southern part of Tamilnadu during 80's. The movie is expected to be a hall mark for the enteric crew of the film. The story unwinds the social issue taking place in puthur village of Madurai district during 1980’s. The thalith’s of Keelakottai are discriminated and ruled by Naattamai Nagineedu and others. Legal support to Harish Uttamon son of Nagineedu join hands with his father and team against the low caste people and legally threatens them. The low caste even couldn’t proceed the funeral procession of their fellow dead throught the village. Such incidents ignite one of the Thalith named Chinraasu (Parthiban) to protest against the upper caste. One such initiative was taken by Parthiban is motivating youngster Kittu (Vishnu Vishal). State rank holder in +2 who is ambitious to become an IAS officer. Vishnu Vishal being a low caste guy is liked by his class mate Gomathi (Sridivya) of upper caste. Their love is also accepted by Gomathi’s father without considering caste discrimination. Unexpectedly Gomathi’s father was killed by someone and the crime was put on the solders of Kittu & his friends by upper caste community. After coming out in bail Kittu disappears due to a crush between SI. In order to find Kittu thalith people lead by Chinnaraasu enter to a protest in front of police station. The rest of the story answers what happened to Kittu. Whether the protest is successful for Thalith? 

Artist’s Performance Analysis 

Vishnu Vishal has again chosen a different story followed by Indru Netru Naalai, Velainnu Vanthutta Vellaikaran. He has travelled in a right path to reach the target neatly. Sri Divya perfectly fits the village girl role and given her best. Partheeban the ultimate artist, rocks as a literate of low caste through his body language, perfect dialogue delivery and bravery. Naagoneedu as upper caste dictator is ok and doesn't fit to the character. Harish Uttaman has again enacted as villain is quite good. Besides soori's presence film lacks comedy track and he might be used a little in emotional sequences. 

Technical Team Analysis 

Director Suseenthiran deserves great applause for choosing such a social issue subject projecting it on silver screen with clarity. Screenplay in first half keeps the audience engaged but second half falls a little as the climax could be predicted before. Narration of the story is quite a flaw. Dialogue writing in most scenes are appreciable and are impressive. Music by D.Imman is pleasant and BGM is good. Which forms the backbone of screenplay and certain situations. Cinematographer Soorya A.R has perfectly done the job in making crystal clear images of the village. Editing by Kasi Viswanathan is satisfactory. Art direction by Shekar is good. 

Pros and Cons 




Impactless Screenplay 

Ciniway Verdict : Braveness

Rating : 2.75
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