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Meen Kuzhambum Mann Paanaiyum Review

Meen Kuzhambum Mann Paanaiyum Review 


The film Meen Kuzhambum Mann Paanaiyum introducing the young actor Kalidas, son of Malayalam star Jayaram. Actor Prabhu as Annamalai flies to Malaysia from Karaikudi along with his son Kalidas as Karthik. He establishes a Malaysia based restaurant in the name of Meen Kuzhambum Man Paanaiyum and runs it successfully with signature dish Karaikudi. Annamalai's only asset treasure is his son Karthik who is a joyful lucky college guy. As he lost his mother in his childhood he expects his father to be all for him. Since it fails crux always remains between father and son. In this situation Karthik’s friendship with his college mate Pavithra (Ashna Zaveri) blooms into love. The crux between father & son is sensed by Bhuvanendran (Y Gee Mahendran) who is a family friend of Annamalai. In order to resolve it Bhuvanedran takes them to a saint (Kamal Hasan) & seek his help for the better understand between each other. Kamal Hassan then transforms the character of Prabhu into Kalidas that of Kalidas into Prabhu. What happens after rolls out as the climax of the movie. 

Artists Performance 

Kalidas debutant actor is superb in this movie added fame to his father. He looks handsome & his character is flawless & has rightly done his job. Actress Ashna Zaveri looks cute & sweet & is OK in her part. Performance wise she needs little betterment. The big backbone to the film is Prabhu who has person with perfectly lived as a father & of a youngster. Pooja kumar as a lady don, Uravasi as Ashna's mother & Santhanabharathi, MS Bhaskar as the main don have added credits to the humor portions of the film. At the outlet all characters are blasted into pieces by guest appearance of Kamal Hassan. 

Technical Team Analysis

The message "life remains sweet if human beings particularly as relations understands each other in their own shoes" is portrayed in his movie by debutant director Amudeshver. Cinematography by Lakshman is satisfactory and hats off to him for depicting the beauty of Malaysia. Music by D. Imman is good in songs needs betterment in BGM. Editing by Richard Kevin needs improvisation in first half. 

Pros and Cons 


Different story line 
Artist performance 
Second half of the movie 


First half of the movie 

Ciniway Verdict: Tastes Good
Rating : 3.0
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