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Kavalai Vendam Movie Review

Kavalai Vendam Review

“Kavalai Vendam” – second film after "Yaamirukka Bayamey" by the director Deekay and also might be a breaking hit movie for Jiiva. Arvind (Jiiva), Divya(Kajal), Natraj(R.K.Balaji) and Sathish(Bala Saravana) are childhood friends during their schooling in Ooty. Arvind and Divya being good friends loves each other, gets married and starts their life. But their life was unsuccessful  and they get separated because of incompatability. Later Divya is getting engaged to a rich guy Arjun(Bobby Simha). So Divya approaches Arvind after 2 years seeking divorce. Aravind accepts fir divorce on conditional basis. He demands Divya to stay with him as a wife for a week. Since there is no other go Divya accepts for it. Arvind friends too are staying with them. Deepa(Sunaina) girl friend of Aravind visits them often and she loves Aravind. So what happens during that one week? Whether Aravind and Divya get along with each other or remain separated forms the climax. 

Artist’s Performance

Jiiva has done his best for the given character. Despite its not a challenging role for him. Kajal agarwal has choosen a character as Divya which seems to reveal her beauty, glamour and acting. But lags behind in emotion scences. The film remains more entertainable because of R.J.Balaji who has blasted in all comic scenes along with Bala saravanan. Sunaina is just ok. Bobby simha’s role gathers no importance. Mylsamy has done his best as usual and Madhumitha as his wife also attracts the audience. Kajal’s friend Sruthi Ramakrishna in her ultramodern outfit’s adds glamour to the film. 

Technical Team Analysis 

Deekay as director has given an entertainment story. Though the story has no logic it locks the audience with laughter in first half. Stay remains flawful in second half and no sink between story and screenplay. So character are unimpressive for the audience. Emotional scenes as not upto the mark. Hats off and big applaud to youngster Deekay’s matured dialogue writing for scenes of adult nature. It shines in certain scenes particularly in climax scenes delivering male female relationship, second marriage etc., Music by Leon James are attractive in songs and BGM is ok. Cinematography by Abinandham Ramanujam is awesome and noteworthy for picturing the beauty of Ooty during day and night locations.

Pros and Cons


Music and Cinematography 
Artists Performance 


Lack of good characterization 
Inconsistent screenplay 

Ciniway Verdict: “Kavalai Vendam” needs ‘Attention’

Rating : 2.25
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