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Jayammu Nischayammu Raa Review

Jayammu Nischayammu Raa Review 


Sarva Mangalam (Srinivas Reddy) starring as a guy low self-esteem superstitions and lacking self-confidence. He lives with hia widow mother in a rural village in Karimnagar district. Sarvarmangalam believes more in astrology and always seeks advice of swamiji named Pithaji. By all his efforts and advice of Swamiji Sarvamangalam som how passes entrance exam and is being posted in Kakinada Municipal office. But he plans to get a transfer to Karimnagar itself to take care of his ailing mother. Sarvamangalam always believes Swamiji in all his deeds instead of believing his hardwork. As per Swamiji's words one day he is attracted by Rani(Poorna) who is working at Mee Seva. Sarvamangalam tries to marry Rani and settle down in Karimnagar. But his dream is being interrupted by his lustful boss Ravi Varma and a handsome guy Sree Vishnu both trying to trap Rani. So how Sarvamangalam breaks out his nutshell and saves Rani from Ravi Varma and Sree Vishnu forms the climax of the movie. 

Artist Performance 

Srinivasa Reddy has done his best to the given role and has justified it by his different kinds of expressions. He stands as the backbone of the film. Poorna has performed quite good and she fits into the traditional outfit but no scope to perform much in this movie. Ravi Varma is upto the mark in his negative role. Krishna Bhagwan also have supported a many in comedy sequences. 

Technical Team Analysis 

Shiva Raj Kanumuri attempt in transforming a novel silver screen is appreciable. He is good in his script and dialogue writing. As a beginner it's a good start for SRK and needs to travel a long way to improvise in all aspects of story and screenplay. Cinematography by Nagesh Bannel is awesome and hats off for it. Editing by Venkat is not upto the mark and needs improvisation. Music by Ravichandra is ok and much to comment on it. 

Pros and Cons 


Good Cinematography 
Perfect Dialogues 
Srinivasa Reddy Performance 


Dragging first half 
Lack of commercial elements 
Inexperienced editing 

Ciniway Verdict : Tasteless meal but satisfies hunger.

Rating : 2.75
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