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Thirunaal Movie Review

Thirunaal Review.


Jiiva as Blade is starring as loyal trustworthy goon. He works for Sharath Lohitslawa a big rowdy of Kumbakonam. Blade dosen't hesitate to do anything for his boss. Joe Mallari comes on screen as fellow partner of Sharth in running an industry. Nayanthara as Vidya, daughter of Joe Mallari portrays her as a Kindergarden teacher. While things move on as such, Blade rescue Vidya from a crew who had kidnapped her on business issues. As usual, love blossoms between them. Besides these encounter specialist "Neeya Naana" Gopinath appear on screen terribly to hit Sharath. Amidst of this, a clash between partners seperates Jiiva from Sharath and unites him with Joe Mallari which creates horror in Sharath to kill both Jiiva and Joe. This situation makes Jiiva to come out of rowdism and decides to enjoy life with Nayanthara. This has been utilized by Gopinath and team to shatter the gangster. At the outset, the outcome of this triangular conflict forms the climax of the movie.

Thirunaal Movie Review
Jiiva and Nayanthara in Thirunaal
Artist's performance – Analysis

Jiiva appears on screen with rough hair, marks on his face, untidy dress code which seems to be usual rowdy getup. Though his character is just like that in all Tamil rowdism films, Jiiva has given his best here too. Both Jiiva and Nayanthara appear together after a long gap. Jiiva's performance as blade and his mannerism of grinding blade and spitting on faces seems unworthy. Nayanthara as KG teacher looks pretty, gorgeous as in all her movie. But her character seems nothing much to perform. Sharth lohitashwa as terrific dadha has given his best. Co artists Joe Mallari, Karunaas, Gopinath and Maneesh Kanth and others have supported the movie upto the expected level of them.

Technical Team – Analysis

Director Ramnath has picturized a usual rowdy film by switching over his location to Tanjore District. Story and screenplay ranks nothing much higher. Screenplay drags behind. Entire film is full of smoking with caption behind which feels bored. Stunts are below average. A big satisfactory shot to the film is Mahesh Muthuswami's cinematography. Music by Sreekanth Deva is good. Editing by V.T.Vijayan needs improvisation. 

Movie – Pros and Cons

Nayanthara and Jiiva's performance and characterization and pleasing. Cinematography was superb in rural areas and songs. Song location are mind blowing. Songs and BGM are good. Story, screenplay and dialogue dosen't sink and is not a highlight. Editing seems to be a flaw technically. 

Ciniway Verdict : Bare words buy no Barley.

Rating : 1.75
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