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Srirastu Subhamastu Movie Review

Srirastu Subhamastu – Review


Allu Sirish as Sirish, a handsome guy is a son of billionaire Prakash Raj who has wrong perception about middle class people. He hates them because one of his son marry's a middle class girl and he believes that middle class people loves such guys for their richness. But Sirish being a rich person regret to his father for his wrong insight and challenges to prove that all middle class girls are not a such sort. Added it, he opens his true love for Ananya to his father. Sirish promises his father that he will succeed in his love and shatter his father's wrong opinion about middle class. Lavanya Tripathi as Ananya is starring as a middle class girl. Sirish tries his level best and makes Ananya to accept his love. By the time, Rao Ramesh father of Ananya agrees to fix alliance for her with his friend Tanikella's son. Abide by father's words Ananya nods for this alliance. As situations turns topsy turvy Sirish enters Ananya's house to win ananya's love. The barriers overcome by Sirish to win his true love and how he changes his father's perception forms the climax of the movie. 

Artist's performance – Analysis

 Allu Sirish after a couple of years had proved himself as an actor in every aspect. Allu sibling's body language looks comparatively presentable. He looks very humble in the climax to make his father realize his misperception about middleclass people. Lavanya tripathi as Ananya appears as fresh everlasting beauty in all scenes. She looks pretty in expressing all his emotions in every shot of the film. Love scenes between Sirish and Lavanya are fresh and really heartbreaking. Prakash raj as a billionaire cum father of Sirish is right and perfect on his path. Rao Ramesh as father of Lavanya has done his best as a middle class family man. Comedy track between Allu and Subbaraju, Allu and Ali in second half are overwhelming. 

Technical Team – Analysis

One of the Commercial Director Parasuram has proved his efficacy in dialogue writing. First half drags behind which is unusual when compared to his other films. Hats off to the character for portraying Allu Sirish's character as the best for film. SS Thaman's song composition and BGM are good. Cinematographer Manikandan is upto the mark and good in his part. Editing by K.Venkatesh is perfect wholesome package. 

Movie – Pros and Cons

This movie is a good family entertainer. Thanks to Director Parasuram for effective dialogue writing and flawless characterization of hero and heroine. Good comedy track in second half. Chemistry between Sirish and Lavanya is good. Songs are good and rightly placed in such a way that it lifts the film to its height from lagging behind. First half of the movie is slow. Performance for actors like Prakash Raj can be enhanced further more. The impact of Director's previous films is unveiled in some areas of this film. 

Ciniway verdict : Fresh food in old plate
Rating : 2.75
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