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Sandikuthirai Movie Review

Sandikuthirai – Review


Sandikuthirai, the first movie for serial artist Rajkamal on silver screen starring as a village guy Ravi. The story is picturized in a village at Pudukottai district. The story is starts with lead pair Ravi and Manasa as Keerthi. Both of them truly loves each other. Ravi makes mud horses and Keerthi belongs to same village of Ravi. On the other hand Ravi's neighbor Divya starring as Sudha and Hari as Gokul are school students who love each other. One day Hari and Divya takes their private video for fun. Unexpectedly the video becomes the threat of life of Divaya, as it misused by strangers. This forms the turning point of the story. After the death of Divaya, Hari becomes menatally disturbed and wanders lonely. This situation changer Ravi chases the villain for this incident. The issues and loses faced by Ravi during this venture forms the crux of the story. At the outset, the movie is all about the issues and dangers of sensitive selfies which becomes a major threat to the concerned individual and society. 

Artist's performance – Analysis

Familiar serial actor Rajkamal bags the movie by his acting. He is an eligible talented handsome artist promoted for the silver screen. He attracts the audience emotionally both for love and sentiment scenes. Actress Manasa who has just completed her schooling appears on silver screen. She has done a good job in this movie. Hari and Divya, Delhi Ganesh, Kanja Karuppu, Surykanth and Bondamani makes the audience attentive by their acting. 

Technical Team – Analysis

Direction and Screenplay by Anbumathi lags behind in its perfection expect the scenes which appear thrill about the culprit. Music by Vaarasri is good but BGM is not upto the mark. Generally cinematography of village based movies will be eye catching. But Veera's Cinematography in this film is unstatisfactory. Judu Thedans editing needs improvisation. 

Movie – Pros and Cons 

Right choice of thriller movie for current trend. Artists performance are good though they are newcomers. Though the story is good, lack of good screenplay make the movie unbalanced. Actors like Delhi Ganesh are wasted. Humorless humor scenes disturbs the audience patience. 

Ciniway Verdict : Good Message in a closed envelope.
Rating : 2.25
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