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Manamantha Movie Review

Manamantha – Review


Manamantha movie depicts the story of four character Sairam, Gayathri, Abhiram and cute Mahitha. The lives of these four different character are narrated parallely. The legend of Malayalam cinema Mohanlal has beautifully show cased his character as Sairam. He works as an assistant manager in a super market. Good or bad he does anything for his survival and posting. Lead artist of Tamil film industry Gautami appears on screen as Gayathri who comes as a typical middle class house wife scarifying her for the betterment and happiness of family. Viswanth as Abhiram comes on screen as a brave student of computers who is study centered guy who doesn't no enjoyment. He falls in love with Anisha Ambrose starring as Aira and changes himself and his ambition for his love. The cute child artist Raina Rao has played the role of Mahita a school girl who strives for the wellbeing of children of her age group. On the hole this quadrangle parallel story come to an end when all these four characters come together which is to be enjoyed on screen. 

Artists Performance – Analysis

In 1994 Mohanlal gave his cameo appearance on screen for the Telugu movie 'Gandeevam'. It is after 22 years he has again stepped in to the Telugu industry giving a full-fledged performance proving his versatility in the Movie Manamantha. His outfit suits perfect for a typical middle class family man. The scenes where he feels guilty and ashamed for his strange activity and the sympathy he has for his fellow colleague's family are really outstanding. It is one and only Mohanlal who enact this character. Another asset of the movie is leading artist Gauthami. Her performance is fantastic and superb. Really she has lived the character of a middle class family housewife. She sacrifices all her desires for the wellbeing of her family. Viswanth as Abiram apprers good on screen as studious, committed handsome youth who changes himself completely after his crush with Anisha Amrosh. Baby Raina Rao blasts on screen who at her childhood age outstanding in her helping poor kid of her age group in the society. Urvashi stars as greedy Mahalakshmi who is neighbor of Gauthami has performed to the context and not as usual. Nasar again needs no comment as he is perfect in his part. He has lived the character of a private school Principal who takes care of school children and leads them in a right path by preaching good values. 

Technical Team – Analysis

Veteran Director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti has given his good story with best screenplay. Characterization of lead artists are proportionate and applauding. His choice of selection of artists is excellent. Four different stories are perfectly run parallely and sinked neatly farming the climax. His dialogue writing is also irreprehensible. Mahesh Shankar's music is good. But could have been better in certain areas. Cinematography by Rahul Vastav is on right path. Editor G.V. Chandrasekar has rightly combined four different stories but certain areas which seems to be dragging could have been avoided. 

Movie - Pros and Cons

Story, screenplay, dialogue writing and artist performance are awesome. Certain scenes which are lagging behind could have been avoided. Commercial elements are missing. But film of such part need not be decorative. 

Ciniway Verdict: Valuable Movie for Valuable movie fans.
Rating : 3.25
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