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Review of Kabali – Kabali Makers

Review of a big banner film like Kabali and the film of a mass hero like Rajinikanth need not be technical but its other dimension also must be reviewed. Technically lots can be commented. But the other face of the movie Kabali which created a minor societal impact or its artificial aspect definitely needs to be analyzed.
Kabali Movie Photoshoot
Kabali Movie Photoshoot
A director can make a movie as per his wish with desired star similarly a famous actor can choose his own director and enact a film in accord to his image or to his political views. If any of the above changes then that film seems to be a failure or will be highly commendable.

Yep. What sort of movie is it? What else to be reviewed about this movie? Whether the film alone is commendable or the makers too. Yes, definitely both is to be done.

A director who thinks that Tamilian will reach is hike is coat suit and dare not to comment about the belief of majority people definitely must accept his film's pessimistic view also. He need not restrict him to a particular community for support.

Besides accepting to enact for an emerging director's film actor's like Rajinikanth must have deliberated to select such a director like Pa.Ranjith.

Even though the ticket fare seems to be high it is the duty of the Government to keep it in check. But the government is commendable here for its flaw.

Its not a big issue to earn more from crore. But the unusual method of marketing has lead a way to comment Producer Dhanu too. So it is unnecessary to expect such legacy from selfish crew.

Either an actor suitable for director or a film for an actor must be chosen. Since there is no such trends it's neither a Ranjith film nor Rajini film. But all Ranjith films are not 100% beyond negative reviews respectively Rajini films too. Beyond several negative review's the collection of the film is only for Rajini is even acceptable by non-Rajini fans.

Ciniway Verdict : This movie is not untouchable but why it is to be touched?

Rating : 2.5
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