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Pelli Choopulu Movie Review

Pelli Choopulu Review. 

What is essential for films success? Is it the good story or screenplay? For my part screenplay is the key to success of any film. A good story with perfect screen play makes a film qualified movie. In recent years right proportion of commercial aspects like comedy, songs etc together makes a movie block buster hit. So how about Pelli Choopulu movie?


Prashanth (Vijay Devarakonda) a cool graduated, irresponsible guy develops passion for cooking. To set him in right path his father arranges for an alliance with Chithra (Ritu Varma) a career oriented girl whore destiny is to become entrepreneur. In their meet, both of them revealed their interests and not to get married. Prashanth leaves the scenario and moves on to find yet another girl. There too he is forced to start his own firm to get married. Getting confused Prashanth decided to join hands with Chithra in order to become an entrepreneur. And as per cine law and destiny both of them get to know each other and how the couple realise that they are made for each other forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performance – Analysis.

Vijay has rightly portrayed him as Prashanth and revealed his passion for acting in his just second film. Thorough this movie he has added a feather in his cap. He is acceptable as a hero who will soon reach his height in future.Ritu Varma as Chitra looks brilliant and had beautifully lived the character. Her chemistry with Vijay is awesome and remains as the heart of the movie. The romantic scenes between them are fresh and lovable.Supporting cast, Priyadarsi who is hero's sidekick provokes excellent laughter throughout and he lifted the clinched second half of the movie. Kedar Shankar as frustrated father of Vijay has done his best. Anish kuruvilla has showcased him as majestic, self-oriented father in law.

Technical Team – Analysis. 

Hats off to Debutante Director Tharun Bhascker for his movie which is really a blend of romance, emotion and humour. He as an experienced short film maker and proved his intelligence in character etching in this movie. His screenplay abilities are outstanding.The casting team and technical crew helped the movie to remain fresh and enthusiastic. Vivek Sagar's music is satisfactory and background in mind blowing. Cinematography by Nagesh Banell is breathholding. Editing by Raviteja Girijalais good in first half and need clinching in second half. Budget limitation is no way affected the richness of the films. 

Movie : Pros and Cons.

Screenplay of the movie by Director Tharun is best in first half and could have been improvised in second half. His dialogue writing is perfect and amusing. Whole movie unveils the good team work and effort. Sense of humor is brilliant and is proportionate.Lack of sufficient commercial elements namely songs is drawback to the film. Mass values in terms of artists and technical team are missing.

Ciniway verdict : Pelli Choopulu is a fresh bloom to Tollywood which is a blend of romance, humour, emotions and perfect screenplay.

Rating : 3.0
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