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Jakkanna Movie Review

Jakkanna Review.

Ganesh alias Jakkanna (Sunil) son of a teacher and a handsome youth is brought up with good deeds from his childhood. At any cast he returns back the favour to all people who helped him in his lifetime. Years late, Jakkanna comes to Vizhagapatnam in search of Bairagi to pay back the favour for his deed during the past. Through his venture, he is disturbed by Sahasra (Mannara Chopra) and tries to win her love. Bairagi is a weird Villain of Vizhagapatnam who is being haunted by his opponent gangsters badly. In such a situation, Jakkanna enter Bairagi's path and all his favours remains an obstacle to Bairagi. This ends up with vengeance towards Jakkanna whose life becomes risky. At this time, Jakkanna came to know that Sahasra being Bairagi's sister. Having webbed with such risky lifetime how Jakkanna wins the heart of Sahasra and save Bairagi from his opposition team and police forms the climax. At the outset, this film presents the efforts taken by Jakkanna to achieve his personal goal his weird character.

Artist's Performance – Analysis. 

Sunil a comedian come hero has taken effort to prove his perfection. Otherwise his character seems to be a usual hero oriented movie. This film will be another experience for his career. Bollywood actress Mannara Chopra is first movie on screen in Tollywood. Performance wise she is okay and not upto the mark of a heroine. Prudhvi and Saptagiri have added some humor to balance the movie which lacks liveliness. Kabir singh has neatly portrayed him as Villain. 

Technical Team – Analysis. 

Director Vamsi Krishna Akella has taken effort to prove his identity in this movie. He could have handled the storyline still more better. So that flaw between first and second half can be overcomed. Scenes provoking laughter dosen't served the purpose and it needs betterment. Dialogue writing by Bhavani Prasad and Maharshi is moderate and nor impressive. Cinematography by Ram Prasad is average. MR Varma's editing was messy. Music by Dinesh is just ok and background is good. 

Movie – Pros and Cons. 

Technically unwise, lacks sinking of commercial elements to the screenplay. Unimpressive dialogues, editor fails technically. Director has tried to present this film to be pleasing and impressive but he couldn't deserve it. 

Ciniway Verdict : Virgin Soil.

Rating : 2.0
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